T-2 Here, on my perpetually messy desk in our science “instructional planning center” I finally got my new scanner hooked up. I couldn’t install the software on my school computer without an admin password, and we’ve all been pretty busy this week (especially the exceptionally wonderful and woefully underpaid tech person) so I waited until today, which was officially a vacation day and therefore much slower at school.  Wonderful tech person Beth came and loaded the scanner software onto my supremely torpid school laptop (we may get new ones next year) and I scanned all my homeroom student’s locker numbers and combinations into a word document! It was an awesome moment for me, because I am going to be able to use this to scan student graphs, assessments, problem-solving, and other work directly into GoogleDocs, where I will have a folder for each student. I would use Evernote, but I can’t access it at school, so there is no point. I never bring my school laptop home so syncing at home is not an option.

Anyway, I am so psyched for this year! I just hope I don’t get any more roster changes after today and no additional students added to my homeroom on Tuesday…all my chairs are full and I think the principal’s secretary is tired of seeing my face when I request an additional planner, discipline code, FERPA form, free/reduced lunch application, calendar card, and Chamber of Commerce booklet for each additional homeroom student over the past day.


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