3 Today was pre-test day with my conceptual students and my AP class had a quiz and then Excel work, none of which I took photos of. But for the past two days I have been collecting forms from my students. An information sheet with contact information and a few questions about their attitudes and habits. A release form allowing me to put their work and likeness on the internet. A “Laboratory Code of Conduct” that must be signed by all students and their parents, and which must be kept on file all year. In fact, today we all got an e-mail from our supervisor saying he wanted to be able to see these forms (and written list of non-compliers) when he visits our classrooms over the next few weeks.

I do each form on a different color of paper (I splurge on a nice ream of five colors at an office superstore) to help with sorting, and load them all into a binder with IEP’s, 504 plans, and in the case of my AP students I have also included their information sheets from last year. I keep the binder in my desk all year and refer to it as needed. Next year I will be doing the information sheet as a Google form!

All the bits of paper under the binder are actually under one of those clear desk-protector thingies (also available at office superstores) and some are reminders and some are things that make me smile.


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