14 Apparently this group of AP students found their assigned problem too easy. While they were waiting for the other groups to finish, they decorated their board. No, I don’t know what a Dido is. I thought they were headstones for graves.


2 responses to “Time

  1. Wild didos might be observers from a reference frame at rest, while wild dingos could be in a ref frame not at rest? 🙂
    So how do you address the different paces of students/groups in daily activities?

  2. Hi Steve, that is a very good question! I usually assign groups to whiteboard homework problems by picking popsicle sticks out of a small box, where each stick has a student name on it. This has always worked well and I am used to assigning 4-6 problems in a typical AP homework assignment. I have also always had 10-16 students in my AP class. This year I have 25 students, and rather than assign extra-large groups I have been assigning longer problem sets. However, some of the questions are ones I have not used before so I am not used to how much time they take. In the past I have grouped shorter problems together to be presented by the same group, but that is difficult to do with such a large class without making the problem sets even longer. It is a challenge for me to solve this year!

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