16 Today my AP class worked with Vpython. We just started the unit on Newton’s Laws of Motion, so making a “cart” move along a track with a constant force applied to it seemed like a good beginning. This video shows the results of the first two-student team to finish the coding. I am pleased that it was a team of two girls.

I didn’t post yesterday because it was Yom Kippur and we did not have school. I did not post the day BEFORE yesterday because…well, I found nothing to take a photo of. I thought about photographing the histogram of multiple-choice scores from my first test in AP physics, but that just did not seem very exciting. In the conceptual class the students worked in groups on understanding position vs. time graphs while I checked notebooks and spoke with each group. So, not photogenic plus I was too busy talking to students. I am very happy that my conceptual classes are small enough that I can do that in one class period!

##AP ##vpython


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