18 OK so this is a little lame. I had an awesome day today, using ultrasonic motion sensors with the conceptual classes to match position vs. time graphs and discover what the velocity vs. time graphs look like. But I did not get any photos or videos of it happening, because I was hopping all around the classroom working with each group and making sure the graphs were set up correctly and fixing it when the velocity vs. time graph suddenly had a scale of -50 to 50 m/s when -2 to 2 m/s was much more appropriate. I had a good time, and I think students are starting to get it. This is in addition to the Super Ultimate Graphing Challenge that I had the kids do over the weekend, which helped some kids a lot with the position vs. time graphs.

Anyway, the photo above is one student’s notes from the motion sensor activity, which accidentally got left behind in class. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow there will be something more exciting.

##CVPM  ##motion_sensor  ##graph_match


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