19 Today we started making the big connections (actually we did this yesterday with one class) between position vs. time graphs and velocity vs. time graphs. We got predictions for velocity vs. time graphs first, sharing them on the board at the front of the room, and then we used the motion detector to see  which (if any) of the predictions were right. Then with this one, which was the last one, I used the tools in Logger Pro to get points on my position vs. time graph and students calculated the slopes. Then I used Logger Pro to get the average velocities from the velocity graph, and the values were pretty similar to the slopes. Being able to do this and annotate it without having to walk back and forth between the board and the computer is one actual good use of the Promethean ActivBoard in my classroom. Finally, we applied the slope = velocity to draw a variety of velocity vs time graphs for a variety of position vs. time graphs. Sometimes practice is a very good thing! Tomorrow it will be “Mistake Game” time with the velocity graphs and then we can move on to using graphs to answer questions!


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