26 Whenever my AP students take a test, I make a histogram of their multiple-choice scores to show them. Today’s test on applying Newton’s Laws had 24 multiple-choice questions, including the three questions from the previous test that the fewest students got correct. I’m pretty happy that my students did a lot better on this test than on the first test…at least on the multiple choice part. I am still working on scoring the two free-response questions I gave them. I use the “AP score adjustment” whereby getting somewhat around 35% of the possible points results in the passing score of “3”, so I make that my “70.” This way, most kids pass the tests. This is AP Physics C, both Mechanics and E&M, taught as a second-year course with 8 class periods/week (2 singles, 3 doubles).

And today’s spirit week theme was “Throwback Thursday.” I’m the one in 18th-century garb. That one boy really likes wearing bedsheets…


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