28 This is the front desk in my classroom, briefly today. ACK! See, we had an “X” schedule today and slightly shorter than usual periods, and the AP class did not get a chance to clean up properly at the end of class. I told them to just pile everything on the front desk, and I would take care of it, since I had a planning period next, so I had a little mess to deal with.

I decided to mix conservation of energy with  projectiles, so the task was to use the height of the ball bearing launched vertically to determine launch velocity, and then tomorrow when I give them an angle and a launch height they will be able to place a target at the correct spot on the floor.

The green “Newton” apple in the upper right was part of the conceptual class’s discussion of forces for the Balanced Forces Model, which I am starting with them before getting into acceleration. This was a suggestion from my online PLC. I have never done force before acceleration before, so this will be an adventure for me!



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