Weight vs. Mass

30 The conceptual students are finding the relationship between weight and mass. This is two classes’ worth of data, so 12 groups, each with 6 objects to measure mass using a triple-beam balance and weight using spring scales. I made this graph, but my students had to graph by hand and did not have to determine uncertainties in the slope or y-intercept. I did that for my own pleasure.

Today was a strange day because we administered PSAT/NMSQT tests to all the 10th and 11th graders, then we had periods 4-8. Tomorrow we have a half-day followed by inservice, and will meet for periods 1-4. During 4th period, I have hall duty. I don’t mind having hall duty twice for each of my other classes meeting once, since this means I don’t have one class getting absurdly ahead of the others. However, due to this wacky schedule, I am not assessing my conceptual classes this week.

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