Meet #1 Scores


I debated putting this post up, but I decided that if I am truly documenting my year I should include some of the extra time I put in. So last Saturday, I (and my colleague) spent 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM chaperoning 19 students at a Physics Olympics meet at a nearby high school.  For weeks we’ve been taking turns staying after school with the kids as they prepared for the meet, and Saturday was the first of our three competitions (the next is in December, and the last will be in February). In addition to chaperoning, I ran one of the events (the coaches at the various schools take turns writing the rules for and running the various events). I was thrilled that our team came in 3rd overall at this meet, considering that we usually hover in the 7th to 9th place range. I hope my team can maintain its current advantage and it would be awesome if we could make it to first or second place!

The teams currently in 1st and 2nd place dominate the competition, and will be hard to beat. Penncrest has taken home the banner (literally – we have a banner that goes to the winner’s school until the next meet) more times than I can count.



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