Sandy day 2 The upper left photo is the tree in our backyard that broke, landing on the ground within our yard and damaging nothing. On the upper right, the sign on the door of the Burger King nearby. Lower right is the pole that snapped last night, wiping out power to the homes across the street from us. Lower left is the CVS Pharmacy. When I went for a walk this morning things seemed mostly fine except for the lack of power, closing many businesses like the diner, the nail salon, and the mattress store. The Kohl’s department store planned to open at noon, and Target was open but most of the staff were busy taking refrigerated and frozen items off the shelves for disposal, since they had lost and regained power. The Chik-Fil-A was open, too, as was the LA Fitness (they are on the same block as the Target). Sometime this afternoon I will find out if I have school tomorrow. I am hoping yes.




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