Hall Duty

IMG_20130221_103144 105 Three days out of the week I have hall duty fourth period. I check to make sure all the doors are shut and locked, none of the girls’ bathrooms have fresh graffiti (and I report it if they do), and that every student in the halls has a hall pass. I also get to see what is on the walls of the school. Posters for the upcoming musical. Posters for the 5K last Fall that somehow were never taken down. Advertisements for the student council’s weekly donuts-and-cocoa sale. Art projects that change every few weeks. And there are a few paintings like this one, which look right from one point of view only. The Physics 2 Honors classes make these every year with colored “duct” tape, and a few are popular enough to wind up permanently painted on the walls. This one is near our “Little Vikings” preschool where teens take part in the childcare. Here is a slightly different view:IMG_20130221_103154


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