Extra: Third Place!

P1020460EXTRA POST! WE CAME IN THIRD! We had a small group this time, at the third and final meet of the Physics Olympics season. Some of our kids were at Academic Team, some were at an Indoor Track Meet, and some were at an all-day rehearsal for the musical, Hairspray!, which is scheduled for this week Thursday – Saturday. However, we were able to maintain our third place status!

This meet had an odd beginning, since less than two weeks ago the senior coach at one of the schools died suddenly. We began with a remembrance of him, and a couple of us said a few words. Then it was a lot of work for my kids, as all of them were involved in most of the events! There was an odd ending as well: two teams tied for first place! When there is a tie score, we skip the next place number, so there was no second place team. But two teams tied for third place, too! Our team and the other school from my district that competes, Henderson HS, tied! Of course, Henderson HS is East’s arch-rival!

This was the final meet for seniors, of course, including my team captain of the past two years. This is a wonderful moment. Third place is the highest we have ever scored, as the two top teams dominate every meet. Since I have been the coach (this is my 11th year) we have never placed this high!


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