IMG_20130311_081748IMG_20130311_081822117 The WC East Vikings finished the ice hockey season 16-2-0 and won the Ches-Mont title, which is the local league. They are now on the road to States after winning their first Flyers Cup game 3-2. They are playing tonight! This is one of my first period students, showing off his Vikings gear and dressed for success!



IMG_20130307_141642115 The conceptual classes have been doing a pretty good job measuring and calculating, and releasing their ball bearings from the same height on a ramp every time. Some groups are really close to the red line!



IMG_20130307_102401114 The AP class is making capacitors out of aluminum foil placed between the pages of books. We are hoping that the capacitance is proportional to area, inversely proportional to the distance between the plates, and we also hope to determine the dielectric constant of textbook paper.


20130305-104336.jpg113 Today the tech ed teacher sent a student to my room with a box full of breadboards and components. It’s like Christmas (or whatever other gift-giving holiday you celebrate)! I’m looking forward to sorting these and figuring out what all the ICs are. I’ve got a very enthusiastic student helper, too!


Practicum Set-up

IMG_20130304_151816112 I’ve been setting up the projectile practicum. Hit the target, after placing it on the floor! I’m providing a selection of two sizes of ball bearings for students to choose from.IMG_20130304_151919


Challenging others


111 Today (well, Friday March 1) one of my conceptual classes got to make up problems for each other, on projectiles starting at ground level and landing at ground level. They seemed to enjoy this!