Demo Day

The day after 37 Oops, didn’t post yesterday. Nothing exciting to post on, it was more practice with system schema and FBDs and the last class finally did the spring force lab.

Today, Saturday, I spent a good chunk of my day at our local physics teacher group’s Demo Day. We are the Southeastern Pennsylvania Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (SEPS AAPT), and every fall we get together and share cool stuff that we do. I showed off the Desmos online graphing calculator, because it is cool, and I demonstrated wave superposition using addition of sine functions. There was a wide variety of stuff, from a 3000 F capacitor (2.7 V max) to the index of refraction of “candy glass” to collecting liquid oxygen between two magnets with the help of liquid nitrogen. At the end, Ken Fink of Wondergy showed off his magic trick, framing it as a center-of-mass demonstration. The woman’s center of mass is over the chair, so she is supported by it. (It is even more dramatic when Ken takes the board out from under her.) A lot of teachers showed up, and a good time was had by all!



31 We had a half-day today, with a half-day inservice after lunch. In the group I was in, we talked about how we can implement PLCs effectively, how to generate time in our schedule for common planning and working with kids on remediation or enrichment, and some of the demographic issues we are battling. For example, over 40% of the special needs children currently attending school in our district are currently attending my school’s feeder middle school. This population will be coming to us over the next several years, which will make it a big challenge to reach AYP. Anyway, we were all given this book and told to read it by January 9th. Hence, the sticky note. This book will probably reside unread on my bedside table until winter break. Happily, it is short.