141 Thursday 4/18 was “poem in your pocket” day. I could not decide, so I actually printed out THREE poems (there is another on the back of this page). These two on the front are definitely on my all-time top 10 list of poems I like. I did not read them all to all my classes, but I did read each poem multiple times throughout the day.


Back at school


138 This is my desk today. Papers, equipment, demo materials, document camera, sweater, multimeter, markers. I hate returning from an absence and trying to catch back up. I feel like I am trying to do too much at once.



137 On Friday the 12th I went on an NSTA-sponsored field trip to the Canyon Lake Gorge, a gorge formed in 2002 during a flood. Lots of fossils were revealed by the water and rocks that scoured a deep trench into the earth, including dinosaur footprints! I can barely stretch my legs to match the stride of the Acrocanthosaurus that may have made these prints. The dinosaur’s belly would have been 7 feet above ground when striding along!




136 On Thursday the 11th I arrived later than planned in San Antonio due to a flight delay, but the sun was still shining and the weather was beautiful when I finally did get in. This is right outside the convention center, which is out of view on my left.



135 I am attending NSTA this week so I will be out for two days. This is the pile of stuff I am leaving for my sub. It includes the AP tests for tomorrow, in two parts, with a timer and an answer key for the multiple choice questions. It includes reading material for my conceptual classes as well as a post-test that they don’t know they are getting (unless they read this blog post. Anyone?). And that is Thursday. Friday is a wacky day between the Red Cross Blood Drive and a guest speaker in the afternoon, for which we have a special schedule. All the classes will be short and some students will miss class. So the conceptual classes will watch a video and the AP classes have pages of Knight’s workbook to complete by Monday.


134 The conceptual classes are playing with this sim today. It is one of my favorites. I love watching the charges in the wall when you bring a charged balloon nearby. Nicely done, PhET!


IMG_20130319_205852123 I’m on a jury, for the first time ever. So I’m out of school. Garrgh.

Hall Duty

IMG_20130221_103144 105 Three days out of the week I have hall duty fourth period. I check to make sure all the doors are shut and locked, none of the girls’ bathrooms have fresh graffiti (and I report it if they do), and that every student in the halls has a hall pass. I also get to see what is on the walls of the school. Posters for the upcoming musical. Posters for the 5K last Fall that somehow were never taken down. Advertisements for the student council’s weekly donuts-and-cocoa sale. Art projects that change every few weeks. And there are a few paintings like this one, which look right from one point of view only. The Physics 2 Honors classes make these every year with colored “duct” tape, and a few are popular enough to wind up permanently painted on the walls. This one is near our “Little Vikings” preschool where teens take part in the childcare. Here is a slightly different view:IMG_20130221_103154

With Love

IMG_20130131_07174693 This week every homeroom in our school signed a heart to be sent to the students and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School. It took my homeroom a couple of days to get everyone to sign it.


20130128-153003.jpg89 (Yeah, missed a few days. Last week was “Quarterly Assessment” week and was not very photogenic.) Today the conceptual classes are applying Newton’s 2nd Law to the motion of elevators. Since I don’t want any student to feel obligated to reveal their weight to their classmates, I am the one who gets to stand on the bathroom scale. We use the differences in the scale reading when starting to move and when coming to a stop (compared to standing still) to determine the acceleration of the elevator at different points in its motion. I’m wearing my favorite brown boots in this photo, and they are pretty heavy. 😉