125 The AP class is investigating the resistivity of conductive dough. I was going to make it myself, but then I had jury duty and I had to ask the kids to make it and bring it in. Which they did! It seemed to work pretty well for some groups, but not for others. I will be experimenting on my own at home to troubleshoot some of the issues. Mostly, it had nothing to do with kids using the digital multimeters incorrectly to measure current, though if they did things wrong yesterday they may have blown a fuse and I could not tell. So that is another thing I need to check.



IMG_20130307_102401114 The AP class is making capacitors out of aluminum foil placed between the pages of books. We are hoping that the capacitance is proportional to area, inversely proportional to the distance between the plates, and we also hope to determine the dielectric constant of textbook paper.

Projectile Practicum

29 The AP students used the launch velocity calculated using energy conservation to predict the landing location, given a specific launch angle and landing height. Each group drew an angle and height out of a bag.

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8 The AP class is investigating the effect of ramp angle on a cart’s acceleration. They are using motion sensors.